There Are Also Mice.

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On the coldest days of December, we and many MPs Wholesale pashmina worked in our offices in coats and scarves. Fingerless gloves were the must-have fashion item so you could keep warm and type at the same time. A colleague sobbed frozen tears of joy when a radiator was accidentally delivered. But even this wholesale scarves was cold comfort. We soon learned it could only be plugged into some sockets without blowing the wiring at this end of the building. The temperature is not great. The ceiling is falling in. Read More A surprise delivery of a radiator could only be plugged into certain sockets General dilapidation of stonework in Cloister Court Even the floor is slightly dubious. There are also mice. Mice you wouldnt believe. Occupying the prime real estate behind my desk are a family so well established and used to human contact they dont just run over your feet at night they hop up on the desk and ask you how your day went.

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